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Sandymount Technologies is looking for a Director of Business Development who will work closely with the CEO to identify and develop new business opportunities.  This is a full time position, and as such, an employee will receive medical benefits, 401k matching, and a generous PTO package.


  • Education. 80th percentile in Bachelor's, masters, or doctoral degree in mechanical, chemical or similar engineering at a top 25 university.
  • Technical Experience. 1+ years working in a hands-on engineering role.
  • Business Experience. 3+ years working in a business or mixed business/technical role.
  • Industry Experience. 1+ years working in a process equipment role (food and beverage or pharma).
  • Small Company Experience. 1+ years working at a company with 25 or fewer employees.
  • Networking. 500+ LinkedIn connections.
  • Somerville based. Must be willing to work in Somerville.


  • Training Period.  A one-month training period, rotating around a) hands-on engineering experience with feasibility trials, b) hands-on experience in the field with production trials, c) sitting in on key-client meetings. 
  • Market Analysis & Lead Generation. Develop and track market statistics - keeping a close eye on news and competitors.  Develop target client lists and manage our list generation service provider.  Cold-call and track leads.  Identify and attend trade shows.  Manage/track sales reps/advisers.
  • Business Case Management. Construct and present a preliminary business base during pre-production trials and keep this updated as the client relationship develops.  Conduct market research to inform pricing.
  • Client Contracts. Develop and maintain our business principles and contract templates.  Manage contract negotiations ensuring alignment with our principles.
  • Regulatory Affairs. Research and construct a regulatory approach for each client.  Engage with the client to address challenges in advance.


Email resume and short letter detailing experience and excitement, and potentially challenging aspects of the role for to hr at